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let me dust this place off

R-r-r-revamp, yo. Not really, but still. I have been productive – if you count accumulating more sites as productivity. In this instance, I do. Otherwise, I would literally have nothing of value to contribute.

Well. I still have nothing of value to contribute, but nevertheless.

Are like the one thing keeping me in design right now, whut. I know, I know, it’s pathetic and it makes me cry too. Emo moments in the corner aside, .44caliber [LOVELETTER] got a facelift. Finally. At this point, that is old news. Moved to a new location, sporting some spiffy animation, and decked in the hotness that is Honey & Clover; squee with me, let’s dance.
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Oh, get-fighted.net - how you must loathe me. I am the negligent parent and you are the abused kid that will no doubt beat me with an aluminum bat in my sleep. But never fear! Your entirely overdue yet sexy revamp is actually being worked on, even if your ugly previous version is still up! /message to domain

So Headquarters is in full revamp – I can’t put a spiffy banner up because I’m still using it as references for important matters of life, but it’s definitely in full revamp. Look forward to it!

I know what you’re thinking. “Marie, what the fuck are you doing with another domain, when you can’t even handle the ones you have?” Truthfully, thoughts of everyone around me, I cannot answer that question, because I fully agree with you. What the fuck am I doing with another domain? I don’t even know.

Still, rabanastre.org is pretty hot. If I do say so myself and I do.
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The best way to stay motivated? Being threatened. I’m pretty sure if ladyshalott threatened me with divorce, I’d have finished Just Kaien by now, LOL.

Thus concludes another lame update of fail.
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it's called a revamp, whore

Man, I'm definitely not getting any better at updating this. But since things have been cleaned up a considerable amount around here, I'm not going to promise that I'll do any better at that. Yeah. In an attempt to be organized:

5 fanlistings have been adopted and publicly announced as finished. There are also several that were approved and completed, but have not been displayed publicly because I am not satisfied with them at present. .44 caliber [LOVELETTER] is currently revamping and possibly moving to its own subdomain.
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get-fighted.net is getting ready to cycle into full-revamp mode, yet again. I've been putting it off for several months now and can't take the current layout anymore. >>; The exit page will be seperating from the main domain and this should be accomplished relatively soon.

Nothing else has really changed for this domain.

luffy.nu is going to be two-years old in less than 15 days and a first version has yet to launch. *sigh* Trying my hardest to focus on this, since Luffy is my #1 priority - I'm currently at 2 out of 3 layouts (so my progress? half a layout). The good thing about him is, I always find it very easy to discuss him, so content will flow freely. I have found some road-blocks with the media and could use some opinions:
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Thus concludes another lame-lame update.
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Gravitation in your eye

Slowly, but surely, I am catching up on things. After a very crazy holiday season, I am pleased to bring you all the Gravitation fanlisting - with a pretty sexy layout, if I do say so myself. Colored manga is becoming my new thing, apparently.

I have a couple articles I want to include on the site, like a comparison between the anime and manga (this is prompted by a discussion I had with rubyjuls) and a more detailed summary of the series, etc. I also want to scan my fanbooks for it, but I just don't have the time to do it at the moment. I am, however, going to be making more anime codes, so no worries there. :3

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Phfew. Definitely need to get more on top of this thing. As a general announcement, I closed membership because I was getting spammy LJs and emails about it, so please don't take it personally if you were removed. I still think you're made of awesomesauce and I'm all kinds of shocked that you joined in the first place.
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Talk about overdue

So, first things first. typedletters has a brand new look, as does iconrebel; that's exciting isn't it? I thought so. Also - shiny affiliate banners. Go me.

Biggest announcement is: adelleda.net has officially been switched over to get-fighted.net; I have some last switching over to do, but within the month, the former will no longer be up. Which means:

GET-FIGHTED.NET; the guilt free network

The network is live, finally. I'm very tired or I think I'd talk more about it. Obviously, it has been a while since my last update here, so the following have been completed since then:

Blood Feud; zero &/vs kaname [Vampire Knight]
I am no pilot; romeo candorebanto montague [RomeoxJuilet]
in the minefield; kyoko & ren [Skip Beat!]
over the moon; kou seiya/sailor star fighter [BSSM]
TIGERBREAK; sabin rene figaro [FFVI]
ROCK AND ROLL suicide; david bowie
THEY WALK AMONG US; zombie movie genre

There's a good possibility I missed a couple, but as a lot of them are still in the moving process, I'll just post a status update, once everything has moved. Two of the above were adopted from lovely owners, who I am forever thankful too - and unfortunately, do to the fact that I suck, several of them are lacking and/or missing codes. I am working on that.

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...so I'll totally be updating this more. Yesh.
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fl collective + pas de deux

.44 caliber [LOVELETTER] -- FL Collective
Pas de Deux -- Aram&Jeile FL

I'm a little pressed for time, but the fanlisting collective I've been working on forever is now complete, as is one of the upcomings I have due. Yeah.

I actually really like Pas de Deux's layout; :d I'm getting predictable with animations, but I still really like it, hohoho.

UPCOMING: Zero &/VS Kaname
PENDING: Jeff Goldblum

That pending adoption is a wishlister, ohemgee. I'm really nervous. :X Zero &/VS Kaname will be finished shortly and will signal the launch of the entire zero-kiriyuu.net collective; I realize Pas de Deux is hosted on in, as it's a Matsuri Hino related domain, but it would only be right to launch it with Zero. Besides, I'm still tweaking it. :d

Um. I think that's it.
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undyingEPOCH -- the Timeless fanlisting

Please pardon the fact that I do not have a banner to display, at present. I will rectify this injustice shortly, I promise. In any case, presenting the fanlisting for the album Timeless by the amazing (and personal favorite) band, UVERworld; I rambled about my personal feelings for this CD in the about section, so here, I'll just say that after a delay, the fanlisting is finally up and I could not be more honored to run it.

Right now, I've only had a chance to cap the D-tecnoLife PV and part of Chance!, but more codes will be uploaded soon, as will downloads. My special edition CD/DVD set came! *love to yesasia.com*

Upcoming Fanlisting: Aram&Jeile, Zero&/vsKaname
Pending Fanlistings: None

I'd also like to take this oppurtunity to announce the future arrival of luffy.nu, which will house the approved fanlisting for Luffy, plus the shrine I've had in the works for many, many years. Please note: Only Luffy's fanlistings will be moving to a new home. The rest of my OP FLs will be staying on straw-hat.org

Look at me be productive, yay!
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I come bearing gifts

Just a quick note to say that hello, sunshine has been updated. The media section now contains the audio goodies for everyone to pass around and enjoy. Including:

  • Full Album (What it is to burn)

  • Full Album (Say Hello to Sunshine)

  • Individual mp4s from both CDs

Please see the guidelines on each page about usage before downloading, then go giddy from all the Finch!love I have provided for you. I'm currently searching for my UK edition of What it is to burn - I'll upload the special tracks once I find it. I'm also working on more graphic content for the media section as well.

Aside from that, I'm currently working on completion of the Timeless FL; I'm waiting for my Special Edition DVD/CD set to arrive, so I can rip it and make downloads available, but also, so I can cap it to make codes. ^^; But it should be up shortly.

You may have noticed or not, whatever, but typedletters has a brand new look! And it's hotter than my personal journal, to boot. I'm not sure whether to be sad or glad.

All fanlistings were updated over the weekend. *prods people to join hello, sunshine*
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hello, sunshine

Pardon the fugly link banner, but I am pleased to present the FINCH fanlisting, which was adopted from the awesome Allie; FINCH is actually the reason I listen to the music I do - they helped mold my musical taste and they were the first show I ever experienced. :D So I'm very honored to run their fanlisting. I will be uploading more media + mp3s sometime this weekend. If you're a fan, please join!

I moved into a new house, and so, I am without a constant source of internet. That being the case, updating and such are a little slower than normal i.e. never but I have found a "groove", so to speak, and am working on all upcoming projects.

Fanlistings upcoming: Timeless (UVERworld); Aram&Jeile; Zero&Kaname
Fanlistings pending: Renji VS Ichigo; Zero VS Kaname

Once all upcomings and/or pendings are finished, I'll probably take a break from the FL scene and just focus on revamps. It seems like I keep saying that

Also, the lovely dai_sango has made a new layout for here as well as my personal journal, so I'll be uploading both of those shortly. ♥

All fanlistings have been updated with new members. :)

EDIT@3:06pm; FINCH has its first affiliate! Check out the blindside fanlisting and join!
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Let it snow

Acoustic DECAY has new affiliates; the shrine is still under heavy construction. Adelleda.net has a temporary page up, finally. ^^; The current main project is finishing zero-kiriyuu.net; which is now part of the Bloodlust Project and partnered with Kuran-Kaname.net, owned by the lovely Saya. That should be up within the next few days.

Gumgum.org received a full-update. Details concerning that update can be found at that log.

The owner of Auron decided to keep him. :) Currently, there are six (6) fanlistings pending (including adoptions) and across both networks. *crosses fingers*

Vaan's shrine is coming along nicely. I just need to find the time to finish the game and then he can go up. So yeah, who knows when that will be, but I'm trying really. :X

As a special: here's a sneak preview of The Bloody Rose Network's layout. XD

All fanlistings have been updated with new members. :)
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sacrificial lamb + project status

The Narita Shinogu fansite + approved fanlisting is finally up and running at approximately 89% completion. If you're a fan of this wonderful character, please pay a visit and join the fanlisting. It's also the only known Hot Gimmick character shrine on the net, at least to my knowledge. :( Which makes me sad, in a way.

sacrificial lamb -- the narita shinogu fanshrine+fl

At the time of writing this, all of the shrine (minus Hatsumi's section) and several parts of the media section are up. I am currently working on: b&w gallery, icons, wallpapers, one (1) essay, and one (1) quiz. Keep checking here for updates.

Announcing: upcoming Vaan shrine (FFXII); upcoming Odagiri Azusa shrine (Hot Gimmick)
Current project: Monky D. Luffy revamp; straw-hatORG relaunch

Look at me slowly be productive, yay.