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sacrificial lamb + project status

The Narita Shinogu fansite + approved fanlisting is finally up and running at approximately 89% completion. If you're a fan of this wonderful character, please pay a visit and join the fanlisting. It's also the only known Hot Gimmick character shrine on the net, at least to my knowledge. :( Which makes me sad, in a way.

sacrificial lamb -- the narita shinogu fanshrine+fl

At the time of writing this, all of the shrine (minus Hatsumi's section) and several parts of the media section are up. I am currently working on: b&w gallery, icons, wallpapers, one (1) essay, and one (1) quiz. Keep checking here for updates.

Announcing: upcoming Vaan shrine (FFXII); upcoming Odagiri Azusa shrine (Hot Gimmick)
Current project: Monky D. Luffy revamp; straw-hatORG relaunch

Look at me slowly be productive, yay.
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