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Let it snow

Acoustic DECAY has new affiliates; the shrine is still under heavy construction. has a temporary page up, finally. ^^; The current main project is finishing; which is now part of the Bloodlust Project and partnered with, owned by the lovely Saya. That should be up within the next few days. received a full-update. Details concerning that update can be found at that log.

The owner of Auron decided to keep him. :) Currently, there are six (6) fanlistings pending (including adoptions) and across both networks. *crosses fingers*

Vaan's shrine is coming along nicely. I just need to find the time to finish the game and then he can go up. So yeah, who knows when that will be, but I'm trying really. :X

As a special: here's a sneak preview of The Bloody Rose Network's layout. XD

All fanlistings have been updated with new members. :)
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