January 4th, 2007

[super 8: group] all for one

hello, sunshine

Pardon the fugly link banner, but I am pleased to present the FINCH fanlisting, which was adopted from the awesome Allie; FINCH is actually the reason I listen to the music I do - they helped mold my musical taste and they were the first show I ever experienced. :D So I'm very honored to run their fanlisting. I will be uploading more media + mp3s sometime this weekend. If you're a fan, please join!

I moved into a new house, and so, I am without a constant source of internet. That being the case, updating and such are a little slower than normal i.e. never but I have found a "groove", so to speak, and am working on all upcoming projects.

Fanlistings upcoming: Timeless (UVERworld); Aram&Jeile; Zero&Kaname
Fanlistings pending: Renji VS Ichigo; Zero VS Kaname

Once all upcomings and/or pendings are finished, I'll probably take a break from the FL scene and just focus on revamps. It seems like I keep saying that

Also, the lovely dai_sango has made a new layout for here as well as my personal journal, so I'll be uploading both of those shortly. ♥

All fanlistings have been updated with new members. :)

EDIT@3:06pm; FINCH has its first affiliate! Check out the blindside fanlisting and join!