August 21st, 2009

[honey hunt: q-ta] your voice

let me dust this place off

R-r-r-revamp, yo. Not really, but still. I have been productive – if you count accumulating more sites as productivity. In this instance, I do. Otherwise, I would literally have nothing of value to contribute.

Well. I still have nothing of value to contribute, but nevertheless.

Are like the one thing keeping me in design right now, whut. I know, I know, it’s pathetic and it makes me cry too. Emo moments in the corner aside, .44caliber [LOVELETTER] got a facelift. Finally. At this point, that is old news. Moved to a new location, sporting some spiffy animation, and decked in the hotness that is Honey & Clover; squee with me, let’s dance.
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Oh, - how you must loathe me. I am the negligent parent and you are the abused kid that will no doubt beat me with an aluminum bat in my sleep. But never fear! Your entirely overdue yet sexy revamp is actually being worked on, even if your ugly previous version is still up! /message to domain

So Headquarters is in full revamp – I can’t put a spiffy banner up because I’m still using it as references for important matters of life, but it’s definitely in full revamp. Look forward to it!

I know what you’re thinking. “Marie, what the fuck are you doing with another domain, when you can’t even handle the ones you have?” Truthfully, thoughts of everyone around me, I cannot answer that question, because I fully agree with you. What the fuck am I doing with another domain? I don’t even know.

Still, is pretty hot. If I do say so myself and I do.
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The best way to stay motivated? Being threatened. I’m pretty sure if ladyshalott threatened me with divorce, I’d have finished Just Kaien by now, LOL.

Thus concludes another lame update of fail.