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I come bearing gifts

Just a quick note to say that hello, sunshine has been updated. The media section now contains the audio goodies for everyone to pass around and enjoy. Including:

  • Full Album (What it is to burn)

  • Full Album (Say Hello to Sunshine)

  • Individual mp4s from both CDs

Please see the guidelines on each page about usage before downloading, then go giddy from all the Finch!love I have provided for you. I'm currently searching for my UK edition of What it is to burn - I'll upload the special tracks once I find it. I'm also working on more graphic content for the media section as well.

Aside from that, I'm currently working on completion of the Timeless FL; I'm waiting for my Special Edition DVD/CD set to arrive, so I can rip it and make downloads available, but also, so I can cap it to make codes. ^^; But it should be up shortly.

You may have noticed or not, whatever, but typedletters has a brand new look! And it's hotter than my personal journal, to boot. I'm not sure whether to be sad or glad.

All fanlistings were updated over the weekend. *prods people to join hello, sunshine*
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