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undyingEPOCH -- the Timeless fanlisting

Please pardon the fact that I do not have a banner to display, at present. I will rectify this injustice shortly, I promise. In any case, presenting the fanlisting for the album Timeless by the amazing (and personal favorite) band, UVERworld; I rambled about my personal feelings for this CD in the about section, so here, I'll just say that after a delay, the fanlisting is finally up and I could not be more honored to run it.

Right now, I've only had a chance to cap the D-tecnoLife PV and part of Chance!, but more codes will be uploaded soon, as will downloads. My special edition CD/DVD set came! *love to*

Upcoming Fanlisting: Aram&Jeile, Zero&/vsKaname
Pending Fanlistings: None

I'd also like to take this oppurtunity to announce the future arrival of, which will house the approved fanlisting for Luffy, plus the shrine I've had in the works for many, many years. Please note: Only Luffy's fanlistings will be moving to a new home. The rest of my OP FLs will be staying on

Look at me be productive, yay!
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