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fl collective + pas de deux

.44 caliber [LOVELETTER] -- FL Collective
Pas de Deux -- Aram&Jeile FL

I'm a little pressed for time, but the fanlisting collective I've been working on forever is now complete, as is one of the upcomings I have due. Yeah.

I actually really like Pas de Deux's layout; :d I'm getting predictable with animations, but I still really like it, hohoho.

UPCOMING: Zero &/VS Kaname
PENDING: Jeff Goldblum

That pending adoption is a wishlister, ohemgee. I'm really nervous. :X Zero &/VS Kaname will be finished shortly and will signal the launch of the entire collective; I realize Pas de Deux is hosted on in, as it's a Matsuri Hino related domain, but it would only be right to launch it with Zero. Besides, I'm still tweaking it. :d

Um. I think that's it.
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