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Talk about overdue

So, first things first. typedletters has a brand new look, as does iconrebel; that's exciting isn't it? I thought so. Also - shiny affiliate banners. Go me.

Biggest announcement is: has officially been switched over to; I have some last switching over to do, but within the month, the former will no longer be up. Which means:

GET-FIGHTED.NET; the guilt free network

The network is live, finally. I'm very tired or I think I'd talk more about it. Obviously, it has been a while since my last update here, so the following have been completed since then:

Blood Feud; zero &/vs kaname [Vampire Knight]
I am no pilot; romeo candorebanto montague [RomeoxJuilet]
in the minefield; kyoko & ren [Skip Beat!]
over the moon; kou seiya/sailor star fighter [BSSM]
TIGERBREAK; sabin rene figaro [FFVI]
ROCK AND ROLL suicide; david bowie
THEY WALK AMONG US; zombie movie genre

There's a good possibility I missed a couple, but as a lot of them are still in the moving process, I'll just post a status update, once everything has moved. Two of the above were adopted from lovely owners, who I am forever thankful too - and unfortunately, do to the fact that I suck, several of them are lacking and/or missing codes. I am working on that.

As you can see at, the network priority right now is finishing and getting him moved over to his new home, hopefully before we hit the 1,000 members mark. He's nearly complete. The media is taking the most time, but I want it to be as full as possible before launching.

With the completion of the mother network, it feels like a giant hurdle has been cleared and I feel much more proactive in finishing my long list of projects. Please look forward to the launch of the full network before the year is done. I'll totally be updating this more. Yesh.
Tags: !admin, #archives: 2007, fanlisting: david bowie, fanlisting: kyoko&ren, fanlisting: movie genre [zombie], fanlisting: romeo, fanlisting: sabin, fanlisting: seiya, fanlisting: zero &/vs kaname, network:

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