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it's called a revamp, whore

Man, I'm definitely not getting any better at updating this. But since things have been cleaned up a considerable amount around here, I'm not going to promise that I'll do any better at that. Yeah. In an attempt to be organized:

5 fanlistings have been adopted and publicly announced as finished. There are also several that were approved and completed, but have not been displayed publicly because I am not satisfied with them at present. .44 caliber [LOVELETTER] is currently revamping and possibly moving to its own subdomain.

  • The Science of Sleep - the approved fanlisting for Tenjo Night from Zettai Kareshi; features a bit of content, though I'm not sure if anymore will be coming. Was a bitch to code, but am extremely happy with the results. Adopted from Monica!

  • how we cross our lines - the approved fanlisting for Edogawa Takeru and Saito Kayano from Akuma de Sourou; brings back my forgotten love of animation, because there are just so many beautiful pictures of them. Also happily adopted from Monica!

  • a lion in winter - the approved fanlisting for Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi fame and future mini-tribute. With Tamahome & Night, I now run my absolute two favorite Watase heroes, which makes me all kinds of giddy. Adopted from the lovely lisamio and currently sporting her gorgeous layout! ♥

  • fate be burdened - the approved fanlisting for Shirou Kamui of X (X/1999); to be expanded a bit (probably similar to how Night is, content-wise) and sporting a layout that I'm pretty proud of. Graciously adopted from Pam!

  • resonance+tomorrow - the approved fanlisting for Uzumaki Naruto of NARUTO, as well as upcoming tribute. This has actually been a network project for a ridiculous amount of years now; with the FL as motivation, I want to really start hammering the content out. Really fond of the layout and adopted from Michelle, with much spazzage! ♥

David Bowie's fanlisting was crosslisted into the Actors category at TFL; there are a few more on upcoming.

THE GUILT FREE NETWORK is getting ready to cycle into full-revamp mode, yet again. I've been putting it off for several months now and can't take the current layout anymore. >>; The exit page will be seperating from the main domain and this should be accomplished relatively soon.

Nothing else has really changed for this domain.

THE PIRATE KING NUANCE & THE MUGIWARA ORGANIZATION is going to be two-years old in less than 15 days and a first version has yet to launch. *sigh* Trying my hardest to focus on this, since Luffy is my #1 priority - I'm currently at 2 out of 3 layouts (so my progress? half a layout). The good thing about him is, I always find it very easy to discuss him, so content will flow freely. I have found some road-blocks with the media and could use some opinions:

When those of you that do media sections are deciding what images to put up, do you only do full images that have the specific character as the main focus or do you include any image of the character, no matter how much they're in it? And if you do the latter, do you do the entire image or do you crop around just the characters themselves? I've never been very good with media in general, but Luffy is one I want to have everything so. :x Opinions are definitely appreciated!

Similarly, it's about time I take off of hiatus and get it off the ground again, so I hope to at least put up a temporary version when Luffy launches. Current project list, for myself:

  • Monkey D. Luffy (hosted at

  • Portgas D. Ace (mini-tribute? possibly larger now that more information available)

  • The Men of D.

  • Usopp

  • Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro (possibly)

  • Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Ace (possibly? slightly redundant with above projects?)

  • Brook (possible mini)

*Am also pondering doing a more general tribute to the series as part of - like a more detailed introduction to the series and something to get newbies into.

Thus concludes another lame-lame update.
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