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General Update + Expansion Announcement

Just to note, keep things all organized. This journal is now partnered with iconrebel, the icon journal of Marie - owner and mainter of the ADELLEDA COLLECTIVE. You can check there (friend, join, etc.) to view icons created by myself and my sister, dantastic_13.

There is only one (1) fanlisting on upcoming now; HOT GIMMICK: Narita Shinogu is in progress to be the TAFL approved FL and also an in-depth shrine. It is currently at 15% completion. There are two (2) fanlistings pending at present: VAMPIRE KNIGHT: Kaname Kuran & Zero Kiriyuu and FINAL FANTASY X: Auron; their status will be updated once results are announced.

I also want to announce that siriusxremus.org will be switching hands from siriusxremus to myself, and will soon be part of the ADELLEDA COLLECTIVE. For those unaware of the project, it aims to be the largest and most extensive shrine, fanlisting, & directory for all SiriusxRemus needs. It is a huge project and will take a bit of time; the transfer will occur within the month. With it, this collective will encompass 4 domains.

e_e Am I biting off more than I can chew?
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Acoustic DECAY

Acoustic DECAY: The Honjou Ren (MOVIE) fanlisting+shrine

So, I lied. I got approved for two wishlisters between now and my last post, so Usopp had to wait. But, I swear I'm working on him!

Anyway: Acoustic DECAY is a shrine to Honjou Ren of NANA fame and covers all aspects of his character. BUT! The fanlisting section is only for the movie version of Ren. :d I plan on making this the one-stop shop for all things Ren-related, so keep checking back here for updates.
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First update

This is the first update to this network journal and it's really just a test post. :X More substantial updates will follow as I continue to work on them. So, an introduction:

TYPEDLETTERS is the network update journal for the ADELLEDA COLLECTIVE, which includes adelleda.net, straw-hat.org and the newly added, zero-kiriyuu.net. All future updates will be logged here so I can be more organized/productive.

zero-kiriyuu.net has it's 'COMING SOON' banner up. Woo. All fanlistings were updated, revamps currently underway on...several of them. ^^;

Thus ends first update.