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a network journal of the guilt free variety

dance floor updates
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Welcome to Typed Letters, the update log of proglution, which is never reallly updated. I think that's part of it's charm.

Here, you will find the most up-to-date information concerning the entire Guilt Free Network, which includes: get-fighted.net, straw-hat.org, luffy.nu, and zero-kiriyuu.net; if you're looking for specific updates or for updates concerning only one domain, I would suggest checking the TAGS, which are newly refurbished and optimized to make your life easier. For those not in the know:

THE GUILT FREE NETWORK; is our mother hub and main domain. Nearly all of our projects are hosted here and range from animanga, games, movies, and privately-random kubo inspired feats of stupid. No, really.
THE MUGIWARA ORGANIZATION; is our One Piece location and is pirate!flavored. Currently undergoing a massive relaunch and still the favorite kid.
THE PIRATE KING NUANCE; is our very geeky love-confession to one Monkey D. Luffy and is anticipated to launch very soon. Any questions about why someone would bother dedicating a domain to Luffy will be met with a punch to the face and lots of angry ranting about how you can't be serious.
THE BLOODY ROSE NETWORK; is our Matsuri Hino centered plaza, headlined by one fantastic vampire a'la mode. Currently partnered with kuran-kaname.net in what is affecionately title The Bloodlust Project. And yes, he is that sexy.

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dance like no one's watching
-- Alexisonfire